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We look to provide a compassionate, yet professional service for both residential and commercial situations in regards to forensic cleaning for crimes and accidents. Our team works around the clock discreetly and with urgency ensuring that each Wollongong-based location receives complete attention to detail.

Highly trained, we are constantly upskilling our staff to ensure that Steritech Solutions always offers the leading forensic cleaning technology and services. Our extensive experience in forensic cleaning in Wollongong covers:

The finest forensic cleaning services Wollongong can offer

Steritech Solutions provide expert services with affordable prices via a thoroughly trained and certified team. Our policies and processes have been designed under Australian health compliances and Occupational Health and Safety standards with all staff supplying valid police checks and clearances.

The Steritech Solutions team are trained in crime and emergency scene protocols in Wollongong with extensive training and experience across a varied range of crime scene protocols.

Steritech Solutions Wollongong service offerings

With a wide range of experiences and skills across several sectors, we customise a cleaning plan to suit your needs and budget. Speak to our knowledgeable team about some of the following primary services that we offer, including:

Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services experts ensure homicide and suicide blood-borne pathogens are properly and discreetly disinfected, decontaminated and disposed of.

Hoarding Clean Up

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services work with you in a step by step process that instills trust while properly ridding your space of items that can prove harmful to you.

Meth Laboratory Clean Up and Testing

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services technicians are fully trained and certified providers of meth lab cleaning, decontamination and remediation services.

Squatter Clean Up

The longer squatter clean up is left, the worse it will get. We deal safely with grossly insanitary conditions left by squatters: sharps, bodily fluids and all hazardous waste.

Unattended Death Clean Up

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services’ technicians sanitize and deodorize the home, commercial and industrial locations affected by body decomposition.

Deceased Estates Clean Up

We sanitize, deodorize and re-organise the home for sale or rent. Our compassionate approach and our dedicated team are here to help you move on.

Infection Control Clean Up & Covid-19 Deep Cleaning

We clean with workplaces, hospitals, schools and medical facilities where infection control is crucial to the wellbeing of the workforce and the public.

Blood and Body Fluids Clean Up

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services blood clean up services focus on safely cleaning and restoring homes and commercial areas so that they are free of infectious diseases .

Holding Cell/Prison Cell Clean Up

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services provide a rapid response service to clean, disinfect and decontaminate cells.We understand the pressures of this environment and work with you flexibly to minimize disruption.

Finger Print Dust Cleanup

Steritech Solutions forensic cleaning services have the right techniques and chemicals, we can use to properly remove and neutralize fingerprint dust, as well as other substances investigators use.

Needle and Syringe Removal and Disposal

Our team is made up of environmental experts who will take care of your dangerous waste with speed and efficiency, ensuring thoroughness with your needle disposal and syringe disposal.

Emergency Vehicle Clean Up

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services handles emergency vehicle decontamination and sanitization. Steritech Solutions technicians know that each job is unique.

For all cleaning services, Wollongong calls Steritech Solutions

Speak to our skilled cleaning experts today about your cleaning needs. Steritech Solutions works hard to ensure each team member provides professional and compassionate service where needed. Let us tailor a solution to your needs with an initial assessment that is time-sensitive. Simply speak to one of our professional forensic cleaning services today by calling 0433 888 122 or sending an email to [email protected].

With Steritech Solutions on the case, we’ll ensure a high quality clean that gets you back on track.

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services Certifications

We provide affordable prices for our forensic cleaning services. We are fully trained and certified to Australian health standards and Occupational Health and Safety standards. We are fully insured and our technicians are police checked, trustworthy and ready to help.

Speak to Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services

For more information about our diverse range of professional forensic cleaning services, contact one of our expert team members today by calling 0433 888 122 or by email at [email protected].

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