Needle and Syringe Removal and Disposal

Needles and syringes are very hazardous to the environment. They can cause great harm if they end up in the wrong place, like a park or school playground. This is why many states require that needles and syringes be properly disposed of by professionals who specialise in needle removal and disposal. If you require your needles or syringes removed from anywhere, contact Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services for fast service.

Needle Disposal Service

When you have syringes and needles that need to be disposed of, hiring a needle disposal service is the safest course of action. Our team is made up of environmental experts who will take care of your dangerous waste with speed and efficiency, ensuring thoroughness with your needle disposal and syringe disposal. They clean up any area where the danger exists so that it’s safe for everyone again. 

Needle and Syringe Harmful Effects

Syringe needles are easy to step on and can result in harmful effects if they puncture the skin. Needles can easily cause injury if they’re picked up by small children or animals. The needles and syringes may still contain potentially hazardous blood-borne pathogens like Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, as well as other viruses and infections that live in the blood itself.

Professional Disposal

The first step should be to call a professional needle disposal company and set up an appointment . This should be done as soon as possible because there’s no telling how long it will take for you or someone else to pick up the dangerous items, considering their size and location. Professional companies like ours use the proper equipment, along with protective safety clothing that ordinary citizens may not have on hand such as heavy-duty gloves and face masks.

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services Certifications

Our technicians are trained and certified under the IICRC, amdecon certified, silver interactive training international member. and our field technicians and supervisors are experts in their field with many years of experience in this industry and go above-and-beyond to ensure there’s no remaining traces or risk of infection, Returning your home or business to a safe, habitable and biohazards free environment. we work within Australian health standards and occupational health and safety standards and we are fully insured and our technicians are police checked, and ready to help.

Payment options

We do accept cash, credit card, EFTPOS, EFT, bank cheque.

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