The professionals at Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services offer 24/7, expert forensic cleaning services, Sydney and regional New South Wales. Our compassionate and trusted forensic cleaning operators are driven by excellence and strive to provide an exemplary client experience.

Since 2009, we have provided caring, trustworthy services for homes, businesses and government organisations to clean and restore property that has been affected by crimes, accidents and other circumstances.

We are a phone call away, around the clock, year-round, and tackle each job discreetly, with urgency, showing full attention to detail. Our expert team is highly trained and receives regular upskilling to remain and the leading edge of forensic cleaning technology and protocols.

Our Services

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services motto is ‘service first’. We are a phone call away and will get the job done with compassion, care and kindness. We work according to Australian Health & Safety Guidelines.

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services technicians are trained professionals and have extensive experience working with infectious waste, hazardous materials and biohazards.

Our highly trained Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services technicians will arrive in discrete vehicles and provide comprehensive forensic cleaning services.

Our staff are experts in

Cleaning Services Sydney

Our highly-trained technicians operate across Sydney’s metropolitan area, and surrounding suburbs, and can also be dispatched to many areas of regional New South Wales.

We offer affordable prices for our specialised services and are fully trained and certified under Australian health compliances and Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Our staff are covered by all police checks and clearances, are well versed in crime and emergency scene protocols and can be trusted to be discreet, efficient, tactful and professional upon arrival.

Crime scene and Trauma clean up Sydney

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services offers forensic and biological cleanup services in Sydney for murder, suicide, biohazard contamination, meth contamination, or trauma scene. When you have to deal with the difficult and unpleasant task of cleaning up after a crime has occurred in your house or business; Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services is the ideal choice for assisting you and your family during these trying times.

Our team of forensic cleaning experts have extensive training and experience in police crime scene protocols and processes, while carefully and efficiently working around the changing parameters of the crime scene.

Crime scenes, especially homicides and suicides, are often the places that leave those affected in trauma, confusion and deep pain. Our crime scene team are stringently vetted to be able to provide not only first-class forensic cleaning services, but also display compassion, empathy, and understanding.

We offer the most comprehensive crime scene and trauma cleaning services Sydney and forensic cleaning services Sydney.

When properties are left uninhabited for extended periods, they can often be subjected to expensive and sometimes hazardous damage by squatters.

Our team of dedicated cleaning experts can carry out a comprehensive assessment and have your property cleaned, disinfected, sanitised, deodorised and ready for renovation or rehabilitation in minimal time at a cost-effective price.

If you find that your ability to sort and throw away unwanted items has become unmanageable, then the team here at Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services can help get your life back in order.

We understand that sometimes it takes a fresh approach to remove pre-loved items and unfinished projects, and our empathetic and understanding staff are fully trained and equipped to help you take back control of your personal spaces.

In extreme cases, ignoring clutter can result in living in and potentially hazardous circumstances. Excess storage can also create pest problems and develop toxic build-ups and contamination risks.

We offer total solution services for private and commercial hazardous infection control cleaning and sanitising services.

Our team is highly-skilled, with up-to-date training that meets or exceeds all Australian federal compliances and specifications for viral and bacterial hazard and disease control protocols.

When there has been an incident that involved blood and bodily fluids, extra care must be taken to ensure there is no exposure to disease like bloodborne pathogens, hepatitis and HIV.

Don’t risk the safety of your team, or your loved ones, the team here at Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services work to strict guidelines to ensure the health and safety of residents and response teams.

Other Services

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services offers further services, including:

Deceased estate cleaning up Sydney
A deceased estate can often be full of treasured family memories and heirlooms that need to be carefully cleaned and organised ready for distribution through the family, auction or sale. Our team of compassionate cleaning and organising experts can ensure the deceased property, and each personal item receives the honour and respect they deserve.
Holding cell/Prison cell clean up Sydney
Our team of expert forensic cleaners have the experience and training to understand a prison or holding facilities, unique environment and strict protocols. We can be trusted to work efficiently and effectively, taking all precautions to guarantee the sanitisation and safety of those kept within the space post-incident.

Frequently asked questions

If your property has been apart of a crime scene investigation. We will need to be assured that the site has been officially handed over by the police before we can continue. The proper documentation is all we need, Then we can begin the forensic cleaning process.

The cost of forensic cleaning can vary dramatically depending upon the specific situation. Our team will arrive at the scene and prepare a no-obligation written assessment of the situation, and provide a recommended treatment plan to guarantee the health and safety of the environment. Until our expert team can properly evaluate the situation at hand, it is difficult for us to assess the severity of the circumstances and provide an accurate cost estimate. Steritech Solutions forensic cleaning services will beat any other companies written estimate, and save you time by providing fast turnarounds.

We service the whole of the Sydney metropolitan and greater western Sydney areas and NSW. A additional travel fees apply for services outside of Sydney metropolitan areas, we will advice you if this applies at the time of your request service.

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year. However, our normal service hours between 8.00am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Services provided outside our normal hours may be subject to higher service pricing. We will advice you if this applies at the time of your request service.

Yes, to protect you and us, we are fully certified under IICRC, internationally and locally trained in biohazards cleaning. and NSW work cover and our insurance is always up to date for this industry.

Steritech Solutions Forensic Cleaning Services Certifications

Our technicians are trained and certified under the IICRC, amdecon certified, silver interactive training international member. and our field technicians and supervisors are experts in their field with many years of experience in this industry and go above-and-beyond to ensure there’s no remaining traces or risk of infection, Returning your home or business to a safe, habitable and biohazards free environment. we work within Australian health standards and occupational health and safety standards and we are fully insured and our technicians are police checked, and ready to help.

Payment options

We do accept cash, credit card, EFTPOS, EFT, bank cheque.


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