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Steritech Solutions offer 24/7 forensic cleaning services in Sydney and regional New South Wales that you can rely on. The forensic cleaning operators in our team have been servicing Sydney since 2009. 

We look to provide a compassionate, yet professional service for both residential and commercial situations in regards to forensic cleaning for crimes and accidents. Our team works around the clock discreetly and with urgency ensuring that each Sydney-based location receives complete attention to detail. 

Highly trained, we are constantly upskilling our staff to ensure that Steritech Solutions always offers the leading forensic cleaning technology and services. Our extensive experience in forensic cleaning in Sydney covers:

Infectious waste

Hazardous materials


Our range of affordable and expert forensic solutions is available to all in Sydney’s metropolitan area through to regional New South Wales.

The finest forensic cleaning services Sydney can offer

Steritech Solutions provide expert services with affordable prices via a thoroughly trained and certified team. Our policies and processes have been designed under Australian health compliances and Occupational Health and Safety standards with all staff supplying valid police checks and clearances.

The Steritech Solutions team are trained in crime and emergency scene protocols in Sydney with extensive training and experience across a varied range of crime scene protocols.

Steritech Solutions Sydney service offerings

With a wide range of experiences and skills across several sectors, we customise a cleaning plan to suit your needs and budget. Speak to our knowledgeable team about some of the following primary services that we offer, including:

Meth Lab Clean Up and Testing

Meth lab clean up and testing Sydney

Particular care is required for the cleanup of illegal methamphetamine laboratories in Sydney, and our team are well-versed in ensuring no toxic residue or potential health hazards are left behind. This is most notably a requirement for landlords who have unfortunately fallen victim to illegal operations by a tenant. Our team can help homeowners in Sydney avoid their property being listed as unfit for re-habitation with our professional decontamination. 

Hoarding Clean Up

Squatter clean up Sydney

Another prevalent issue that many Sydney homeowners or landlords can face when properties have been uninhabited for extended periods is expensive damage caused by squatters. Our cleaning experts can ensure your property is cleaned, disinfected, and deodorised, ready for a new tenant or sale.

Deceased Estates Clean Up

Unattended death clean up Sydney

We understand and are experienced in the specific complexities caused by a death that has been unattended for a prolonged period. Our experience and care in cleaning a biologically hazardous site is exact, while also being respectful to the deceased, and their family if applicable.

Squatter Cleanup

Deceased estate cleaning up Sydney

These services extend to any cleaning and care for deceased estates in Sydney or regional NSW. Our team will clean and care for property and belongings with compassion and professional cleaning and organising procedures.

Infection Control Clean Up & Viral Outbreaks

Infection control clean up and viral outbreaks Sydney

Now more than ever, the need for a virus-free and clean area is critical. Steritech Solutions offer full services for private and commercial hazardous infection control cleaning inclusive of viral sterilisation services if required. We work to any guidelines of regulations that have been detailed by Australian federal compliances for viral and bacterial hazard paying very close attention to the audit requirements of disease control protocols.

Blood and Body Fluids Clean Up

Blood and body fluids clean up Sydney

The cleaning of a scene that involves blood and bodily fluids requires extra professional care to ensure there will be no exposure to potential disease. In a commercial setting, it is vital that you do not risk the safety of staff or customers that need to use the space which is why commercial businesses in Sydneycall Steritech Solutions to ensure the health and safety of all involved.


Holding cell/Prison cell clean up Sydney

Our expert forensic cleaners have been trained in the needs of prison or holding facilities in Sydney. These unique environments often have strict protocols that must be addressed, and this is a situation our experts are well-versed in. We can be trusted to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring the sanitisation and safety of staff and the general public alike.

These are merely some of the primary services our team are experienced in. For any in-depth and specified cleaning requirements, we recommend speaking to one of our team members to understand how we can help. We design all procedures to be malleable, suiting the needs of the specific situation in question to reach a speedy resolution.

Emergency vehicle clean up Sydney

Our expert vehicle cleaning service is tailored to ensure the highest levels of clean available. We fully understand the importance of our emergency fleets which are not only a workspace for our first responders but a crucial tool that can save lives.

We work hard to ensure our paramedics and emergency workers operate in a sanitary space no matter what level of incident has occurred.

Emergency Vehicle Clean Up
deceased estates cleanup

Property presentation Sydney

A well-presented property can be the difference between a successful sale or a costly failed investment. With in-depth property cleaning and presentation experience, the Steritech Solutions team offer professional house presentation services to both the general public and real estate professionals.

Our presentation solutions are designed to suit the needs of real estate agents, property managers, legal trustees, and managers of deceased estates. Impress potential buyers with an in-depth Steritech clean today.

For all cleaning services, Sydney calls Steritech Solutions

Speak to our skilled cleaning experts today about your cleaning needs. Steritech Solutions works hard to ensure each team member provides professional and compassionate service where needed. Let us tailor a solution to your needs with an initial assessment that is time-sensitive. Simply speak to one of our professional forensic cleaning services today by calling 0433 888 122 or sending an email to [email protected].

With Steritech Solutions on the case, we’ll ensure a high quality clean that gets you back on track.

To apply for a position with our team, please send your resume along with your cover letter to [email protected].