Emergency Vehicle Clean Up

We provide a complete range of forensic cleaning solutions which are designed to assist our clients following a tragic event.

Since 2009, commercial and residential requirements for in-depth forensic cleaning have been satisfied by the expert team at Steritech Solutions. We offer 24/7 emergency vehicle cleanup services across Sydney and regional New South Wales. 

Our skilled emergency vehicle cleanup operators provide an exemplary service for vehicles of all types that have been affected by crimes, accidents and other circumstances.

Emergency Vehicle Clean Up

Emergency service vehicle cleanup

Ambulances and police vehicles are constantly faced with scenes in which blood, vomit and other bodily fluids may remain and require cleaning. These elements pose high risks to the health and safety of the emergency services workers who use these vehicles, and the public who may be required to travel in them. 

Steritech Solutions work to remove the risk of infection and exposure that these situations may cause. Avoiding diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, which can be created by unclean areas, is vital. Our team will clean and disinfect these vehicles thoroughly to minimise this risk of contamination.

Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Cleanup

The Steritech Solutions complete decontamination service has been tailored for use on emergency vehicles. We provide specialised cleaning and disinfecting where blood, vomit and other bodily fluids have caused contamination.

Our thorough, extensive deep clean will return the vehicle to a safe state while reducing the risk of infection and preventing possible spread from occurring. This service is applicable to vehicles including: 

  • Ambulances
  • Police cars
  • Prisoner transport 
  • Vehicles that have been the scene of a violent crime
Emergency Vehicle Cleanup

We are available to service and clean 24/7 with an expert emergency vehicle cleanup emergency response team if required.

Taking care of those who care for us

We are deeply grateful for our state emergency response teams and frontline workers who often risk their lives for public safety each day. In response, we work hard to support them wherever possible with emergency vehicle cleanup that is accessible and available all year round.

We hope to minimise the pressure of our emergency teams by providing expert vehicle cleaning, ensuring paramedics, police officers and emergency workers have safe and sanitary spaces to work in. The need for quality essential services is paramount, and Steritech Solutions is proud to support these men and women where possible.

Speak to Steritech Solutions about emergency vehicle clean up services today

We are on hand for emergency vehicle cleanup 24/7 and work efficiently to ensure the minimum amount of downtime possible. The importance of having these vehicles available for future emergencies drives our speedy processes.

You can obtain a quote or more information about our emergency vehicle cleanup services, by contacting one of our expert team members today on 0433 888 122 or by emailing [email protected]. Steritech Solutions strive to provide the finest vehicle clean up services Sydney can access, speak to one of our cleaning experts about how we can help today.

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