Holding Cell/Prison Cell Clean Up

We provide a complete range of forensic cleaning solutions which are designed to assist our clients following a tragic event.

Blood and Body Fluids Cleanup
Prison Cell Cleanup

Holding Cell/Prison Cell Clean Up

Our holding cell and prison cell clean up services allow for the clean up and decontamination of Prison cells, police holding cells and custody areas which are all too often the scenes of traumatic and unsanitary incidents, with a high infection risk.

Steritech solutions provide a rapid response service to clean, disinfect and decontaminate cells.

We understand the pressures of this environment and work with you flexibly to minimise disruption.

The presence of bodily fluids such as faces, urine and vomit present a high risk of infection to everyone in the environment. Cells and communal areas within prisons and police stations are often the target of “dirty protests” involving the spreading of bodily fluids. These bio-hazards pose a high risk of contamination, these should be dealt with by experienced forensic cleaning technicians which are equipped to eliminate the risks. Steritech Solutions are experienced at providing fast and efficient Holding Cell and Prison Cell cleaning services.

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