Deceased Estate Cleanup 

We provide a complete range of forensic cleaning solutions which are designed to assist our clients following a tragic event.

Deceased Estates Clean Up
Deceased Estates Cleanup

Deceased Estates Clean Up

Steritech Solutions has had a long history with dealing with deceased estates clean up. Steritech Solutions has helped individuals, commercial and government clients who employ us to manage this specialist area.

Usually when someone passes away, the cleaning, management and the sorting of the premises are left to the family members.

Cleaning for deceased estates requires sensitivity to client needs as well as a strong attention to detail to ensure properties are restored to a saleable or rentable standard.

This requires the ability to understand the grief that someone left behind is going through. Sorting out loved one’s belongings can be a painful and delicate process. Steritech Solutions technicians have a long history of helping those who may feel it is too difficult and, on occasion, Steritech Solutions have even liaised with the auctioneer for the sale of valuable items.

This takes the stress off the families at a time of grief. We sanitize, deodorize and re-organise the home for sale or rent. Our compassionate approach and our dedicated team are here to help you move on.

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