Forensic Cleaning Services in Sydney 

We provide a complete range of forensic cleaning solutions which are designed to assist our clients following a tragic event.

Some situations require specialised cleaning skills and equipment, especially when dealing with matters of a sensitive nature. The professionals at Steritech Solutions are experienced in the particular requirements of crime scene cleanup and have been providing the service to Sydney and regional NSW since 2009.

With 24/7 service availability and expert forensic cleaning experience, our skilled operators are trained to clean and restore any affected by crimes, accidents and other circumstances regardless of the size or level of complexity.

With a primary focus on attention to detail, our expert team offers the following benefits:

Meth Lab Clean Up and Testing

Regularly upskilled

Constantly offering the leading edge of forensic cleaning technology and protocols

Hoarding Clean Up

Fully equipped with extensive experience in all aspects of forensic cleaning

Unattended Death Clean Up

Capable of handling infectious waste, hazardous materials, and biohazards

Infection Control Clean Up & Viral Outbreaks

Certified under Australian health compliances

Deceased Estates Clean Up

Covered by all police checks and clearances

Steriitech Solutions Cleaning Services
Man in his cleaning boots holding a water pump

Crime Scene Clean Up

When the police have finished their investigations, we begin the forensic cleaning process.

Homicides and suicides are deeply painful experiences that often afflict those left behind to deal with the traumatic event. That’s why Steritech Solutions employs certified technicians that not only provide expert clean up services for crime scenes, but do so with a deep sensibility to the emotional nature of the work that affects grieving relatives and friends.

Steritech Solutions experts adhere to strict regulations and Australian standards. Experts ensure homicide and suicide bloodborne pathogens are properly and discreetly disinfected, decontaminated and disposed of. Once the entire area is cleaned of blood and body fluids, we will help you restore the property to its pre-incident state, with a concerted effort to properly handle any personal possessions that carry sentimental value.

Using science-based protocols, our technicians not only contain and disinfect all dangerous biological materials, we carry out our work in a caring and private manner that allows you to focus on moving beyond the trauma.

Highly trained in all necessary requirements 

Operating across Sydney’s metropolitan area, inclusive of surrounding suburbs and regional New South Wales, Steritech Solutions offer a range of cleaners with specific crime scene and related knowledge. We offer affordable prices for our specialised services with all Occupational Health and Safety standards met.

Our experience, processes and procedures account for crime and emergency scene protocols ensuring efficient, tactful and professional solutions to any cleaning requirement. We work hard to ensure the area is safe for continued use, applying our knowledge of deep cleaning, particularly in situations where blood or other body fluids can create a severe risk of disease or infection. 

Our primary goal is to leave every space in an as-new condition so that it poses no future risk for those who will use it. This is inclusive of vehicle cleaning, particularly for emergency services and related sectors.

Infection Control Clean Up & Viral Outbreaks
Meth Lab Clean Up and Testing

The finest crime scene clean up Sydney can access

Place your trust in a team with over ten years of police crime scene protocols and processes. We are capable of working around the changing parameters and needs of a crime scene, in conjunction with law enforcement officers or other emergency services workers if necessary.

In situations where the crime scene location involves contact with members of the public who are in trauma or confusion, our team will work with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Speak to a crime scene cleanup expert today

Steritech Solutions are constantly on-hand to provide an emergency clean if necessary. If you are need of this service or would like more information about our procedures, prices and other services, speak to one of our cleaning experts today.

Our professional forensic cleaning services are tailored to the needs of the situations. Contact us today by calling 0433 888 122 or sending an email to [email protected]. We can provide a full assessment of the needs of the situation or work efficiently for time-sensitive matters. Call the experts today.

To apply for a position with our team, please send your resume along with your cover letter to [email protected].